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Mechanical robots which are operated by a human mechs, mechas and remote-controlled ones are not allowed. Likewise excluded are cyborgs, which are biological beings implanted with artificial electronic, mechanical or robotic parts. Viewing Page 1 of 14 items of Next. Horace Windows Games S. RobotRiot: Hyper! A Robot Named Fight! Good Robot Windows Pyrodactyl Games Front cover for A Robot Named Fight! Front cover for Grow Up.

Front cover for Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Front cover for NieR: Automata.

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Screenshot from The Robolovers. Ver detalhes. Acesse o site. Mais de Zetsubou Games Veja mais. Sickness - Demo Visual Novel.

Meiji Era (All anime on Veoh)

Zetsubou Games. Wander No More Visual Novel. Veja mais. And these last-minute-plans is applied to our lives: The car industry engages the best lawyers you can get; students are always prepared with last-minute-emergency-sheets ; visitors without reservations can sneak into the hall to loot for unoccupied seats. Indeed it is very annoying to be a witness of such atrocities and the virtue of righteousness grabs a shovel to smoothen these unpleasant molehills.

The root of all evil is always under the surface of daily life, so why not dig to grasp the bad mole? Good luck with that while destroying the garden! Absolute Territory - Unless something threatens you, you can freely move your chess figures on the board. But is it always a good idea to wander off in all kinds of directions?

Get a copy of Zetsubou Robo

You have legs and hands: why not cross the North-Korean border? You have keen eyes: why not looking at certain body parts of a person with intense stare? You have freedom of speech: why not let it free in a sub after an Episode made an eruption and burned everything in its way? Using unlimited freedom works not always out, it can even damage you as a consequence. But human mind has also this side of reckless behavior which makes life more interesting as it seems. For what price though? How much will you risk your absolute territory on the board?

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Episode 1 English Subbed at gogoanime

Annotation for Zan-Episode 9. Han Class Submarine : called Type Submarine. The picture does give the impression of a riverside. Calpis : eponymous uncarbonated soft drink. Tatsuwa Naoyuki : director mostly affiliated with Shaft. Lasik : Laser Eye Surgery. Suidobashi a station on the Chuo-Sobu Line. Probably unintentional, but this just caught my eye because of the episode lol. Definitely wouldn't be the most practical thing though. I'm pretty sure those sheets didn't work out though.

Didn't help that they were used by total dumbasses. God knows that there have been numerous occasions where we had to resort to using emegrency measures due to unforseen situations, and there's noting wrong with that! Although sometimes it's better to just not do anything, like, you're not obligated to come up with a last minute gift for someone's birthday, mostly because it isn't going to bee that good of a gift, just look at all the crap that Nami got!

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Then there's the case for more extreme circumstances, much like what happens to Nozomu once again: he dies to a seemingly harmless game to get warm in the face of the cold coming through a hole in the window, so as an emergency measure he gets replaced by a doll! Well, due to increasing suspicions Chiri ends up replacing everyone with dolls! How usual of her huh?

Wise words once said by a character of a popular franchise As stupid as that line might sound, there's some kind of truth to that statement. Sometimes, the right answer isn't the one we are looking for. Like for example, what if the answer to a certain question turns out to be terribly offensive?

It's the right answer, but it's not right to say it out loud, get it? Maybe there are certain situations where hiding the truth could be a much better idea that actually telling the truth, so in that scenario the right answer isn't necessarily the correct answer! Then what about harsh realities that will just bring down someone? After all, the truth hurts! When your girlfriend asks you if she looks fat in her dress, what's the correct answer in that situation?

If you tell her the truth she might get offended, if you lie she'll notice, in both cases she gets brought down! The correct answer would be avoiding the answer completely and saying that she looks beatiful no matter what. At least I think so, I guess it depends on what kind of girl you're treating with, because maybe even that isn't right sometimes How much time will I spend avoiding talking about the third segment?

Because it truly is confusing when it's split in half like this, do I talk about it tomorrow? Or do I talk about it today? Ahhhh choices Let's see how far we can go without talking about it then! See you tomorrow! Surrogators are less suspicious but budget is limited.

I wanna a surrogator which can surrogate me! Emergencies happen all the time! I'm personally never ready for them as I always wish for everything to go as I expect but what to do. Doing a project with little to no materials happens more often than it should. When you ran out of a certain ingredient for cooking and you pick a random thing to say "this should do it". Here in Mexico we even call bizarre, dumb and even dangerous things "mexicanadas" because apparently "only mexicans are dumb enough to try this".

Here the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" is a golden rule in blue collar jobs. Sorry Kav, but your countrymen can be tad insane. Being correct doesn't mean you're right.