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  1. Christian living, faith & discipleship
  2. Your Testimony Isn’t About You
  3. Your Testimony Isn’t About You | Desiring God
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Christian living, faith & discipleship

These are all types of Christian testimony. Testimonies come in all shapes and sizes! I get it! Some testimonies may involve great struggle and the story of how God helped the person through it. Some may involve different incidents that make far more sense after reflecting on them.

You may not realize something is a testimony until much later, but when you think back, you can see the hand of God working in your life. Your personal testimony is wildly compelling and is the most powerful tool you have to demonstrate the love of Jesus and how he has changed you. Never thought about giving your Christian testimony? It is important for you to write out your personal story—not for the purpose of memorizing and sharing it verbatim, but because it helps to put into words some of the important and interesting details of your relationship with Christ.

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  • 1. Your story is unique (even if you don’t think so).
  • Your Testimony is not the Gospel | Elmira Christian Center.
  • 1. Your story is unique (even if you don’t think so).

Just answer the below questions, write down some thoughts, and pull them all together into your own unique testimony:. This provides you a rough outline from which you can write sentences and paragraphs about your own experiences.

Before you met Christ, what were some of your needs, what was lacking, or what was missing in your life? Yours may be a very complex story, but try to keep it short and succinct. Use the above guidelines to keep Christ at the center of your story. We must daily ask for the Spirit to led us to the very ones that need to hear our stories, we must ask that "out of our mouths will flow rivers of living waters", this is a promise that Jesus gave to us and as we continually moment by moment, and second by second submit ourselves to His presence it will be natural for us to speak for we are His children, how could we not?

Sometimes we forget the little things God has done for us and wait for something big like what happened to Paul to tell of the power of God. We should tell of God's goodness to us no matter how small we may think of it. That is real witnessing. One of the features of the Bible that makes it so powerful, life-changing, and compelling is that ultimately it is a collection of personal testimonies. Whether it be Moses, Isaiah, Peter, Paul, or Jesus, their personal testimony is what captivates the reader. Every Bible writer, from David to John, and everyone else in between, share their encounter with the Omnipotent Creator of the universe.

There is nothing more thrilling and captivating than such an experience.

My own life is such a testimony to the amazing grace and love of the God of all the universe. He has changed my life in ways I would never have imagined.

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  8. He has brought me from the crack house to His house. He has ransomed me from a life of licentious living and reunited me with Himself. He has rehabilitated my mind from debilitation of drug and alcohol abuse and equipped me for service to Him and my fellow man. He has rescued me from the bondage of the destroyer and has commissioned me to be an ambassador for Him in these closing scenes of earth's history. Talents I never imagined I had have been awakened and placed in His service. I will forever be amazed at His love and grace.

    Your Testimony Isn’t About You

    His glory is my story. Praise the Lord Aubrey. I hope and pray you are now taking what you've learned and experienced and sharing with others! Jesus is best when He is shared between two or more people.

    Your Testimony Isn’t About You | Desiring God

    This is so true,our personal testimony is very powerful. I saw something this morning and pursued it. It is like a telephone wire that extends from the Holy Spirit as its source of energy. As we witness, I see the wire extend out of the Holy Spirit in us and into the ones we are speaking to.

    Unfolding Faith

    Those who are born again hear the ringing, which I have heard and refer to as the quickening in the spirit, and the connection is made so that the witness is attached to the source of power, and can be heard. It is like this that the Spirit is at work in all His children, those who are saved and those who would be saved. I remember my Dad playing trumpet solos and singing in the choir and the time I sold the most cans of candy for a church fundraiser and how good that felt.

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    My teenage years exposed me to the urban world of Long Island, New York. During those years we attended a United Methodist Church and I enrolled in a membership class, was sprinkled with water, and became a member. I remember it as a time of religious awakening and feeling a nearness to God. Christmas with candlelight services and Easter with sunrise services always gave me a temporary inner feeling of peace.

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    Off to State college in northern New York after graduation from high school, I worked as a messenger for a construction company and later as an apprentice carpenter during the summers to help pay for my college expenses. It was while at college that I met my wife to be. Married in , it was off to graduate school to study botany. This was the time of the Vietnam Conflict and the draft lottery.

    I believed that killing another human being was morally wrong and was of a pacifist mind set, but did not participate in any of the protests of the time. My lottery draw resulted in a low number and I applied for and was granted Conscientious Objector status after a prolonged period of turmoil in my life.

    We moved to Maine after the year of graduate school and I served two years of alternative service doing custodial work in two hospitals. Overall, it was a good experience. It was during this time that our first child was born. After the two years in Maine, we moved to Long Island, New York, where I attended graduate school while working nights at a microelectronics corporation.