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  1. Memory and mental time travel in humans and social robots
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The Chessie Trail is an old railroad bed that is completely flat and runs along the Maury River.


Completely shaded and with every half mile marke d, it is an ideal place for any type of workout; tempo, long runs, etc. Only just a mile from the indoor track, the Chessie goes out for seven miles to the town of Buena Vista at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. Another prime location is the Washington and Lee woods. I was able to test a few more of our distance runners in the physiology lab this week.

Although both girls went for the same amount of time, their physiological profiles where very different. Kelsey had a higher Max Vo2 at Most people think the higher the Max Vo2, the faster the runner, not entirely true. All you have to do is watch Hannah run and you can see her running mechanics are superior to most other runners, she wastes very little energy. You can see the updated test results by clicking here , and pictures of Felix Kitur and Matt Satterwhite performing the test are included in this article.

This week we are preparing for the Blue Ridge Relay. The Blue Ridge Parkway is ideal for such an event as there is minimal traffic, each mile is marked, and the views on top of the mountains are fantastic.

VMI Alumnus Ratline STORIES

The Blue Ridge Parkway travels along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains going from ft above sea level at the James River to ft along our relay route. Arguably the hardest leg of the relay is the 3 mile leg from Buena Vista up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The leg is only 3 miles, but during those 3 miles you will see an elevation gain of ft!!. That relay leg had been mine for the last 5 years but I have decided to pass the torch to 2 nd classmen Matt Satterwhite for Part III - Sept. This week the Big South came out with the preseason cross country rankings.

The coaches from each school cast their votes for what they foresee each school finishing at the conference championships in November. This year the men have a preseason ranking of 3 rd and women 6 th. Certainly our goal is to finish higher than our preseason rankings. My concerns were put to rest after talking to our team captain, Kelsey Stafford , who said she prefers being ranking lower going in. She uses it as motivation to prove others wrong.

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Thinking back I believe every year the women have finished higher than their preseason ranking so it seems to be working! This week also was the beginning of the famed VMI Ratline. We have eight freshmen cross country runners who matriculated last Saturday. All eight excelled during matriculation week and are itching to start up classes and practice this week with the upperclassmen.

Memory and mental time travel in humans and social robots

We have had some solid recruiting classes in the past, however, I feel this group of freshmen should be the best to come through VMI since my arrival six years ago. This group, however, has more talent and, more importantly, the work ethic and desire to be the best class to come through VMI. I should not be surprised because those freshmen who excelled in the time trial did an outstanding job training over the summer. I instructed both to run as easy as possible to earn the victory and they did just that. The season is very long and you only have so many good races in you each season.

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The race could not have turned out better for her and Kelsey. Both the men and women placed 2 nd as a team. All the freshmen will open up at Liberty in three weeks along with Matt Sagar.

Felix may see action later in the XC season as he is still in his base building phase after seeing his track season go into June due to competing at the NCAA Championships where he placed 9 th in the m. Wednesday of this week we have some lab testing on the schedule for Hannah Granger, Kelsey Stafford, and Matt Satterwhite.

For Hannah and Matt this will be their first time performing the test. All three runners are in outstanding shape so it will be exciting to see the results of the test. I hope to have their results for you next week. Part II - Aug. This week was the preseason camp for our incoming freshmen on the cross country team. We also found that Ray was the most uneconomical runner because he uses a high amount of O2 at sub maximal efforts.

From a coaching standpoint this is critical information in determining what type of training Ray would need to focus on to improve his economy and thus reach his maximum potential. In addition to testing in the lab, we performed various tests that measured muscular power, muscular endurance, speed, and power-to-weight ratio. The results of the test will help determine what type of weight training program each athlete will receive. The week ended with our traditional team time trial.

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The time trial consists of a 4 mile effort for the men and 2. The time trial was run on the outdoor track and consists of both the freshmen and upperclassmen. Hannah Granger set a new overall record for the women, running 2. Kelsey Stafford set a new 2 nd classmen record in while freshmen Jenna Pickett and Carrie Wortham also looked impressive.

Check out the time trial results here and the lab testing results here. A picture of our rats freshmen can be seen here. Part I - Aug. The cross country season is just around the corner. Our freshmen report to VMI on Aug 17 th , less than a week away. I am very excited for the upcoming season. Liberty and High Point are the top two returning teams.


High memory usage by each VMI pod. · Issue # · kubevirt/kubevirt · GitHub

Both return the majority of their top 7 runners and will not give up their top two positions very easily. The vast majority of the team has been doing an outstanding job of training during the summer months. I was lucky enough to have four of our incoming freshmen at VMI over the summer. In addition to the four freshmen, Kelsey Stafford and Hannah Granger both trained in Lexington over the summer. Kelsey is in the best shape of her life, and I feel is positioned to contend for a top 5 spot at the Big South XC Championships along with Hannah.

The rest of the team has also been training very well. Donnie red-shirted last XC season and is coming off a successful track season where he qualified for the NCAA regional championships in the steeplechase, and was a member of the IC4A Championships 4xm relay, in which he split This will allow me to design a training program based on the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete.

Sign in to your account. Typically I saw the pattern as follows. Hi kunalkushwaha can it be that this is only the virtual memory size? We had a similar report here: If I parse the ps output correctly, it looks like column 6 would be rss. Can be wrong though.

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Problem arises if kubelet Out Of Resource Handling is tweaked for VM workload and it gets triggered irrespective a actual usage. As swap off is configured for all nodes in kubernetes, This will lead to issues. I faced that previously, and increased memory and Disk to fix the issue. This also provides some background on how we integrate with the k8s QoS classes and the kubelet eviction strategies. My running VMI was getting shutdown.

I initially extended the memory by looking at free output. Later extended the Disk size also. Problem got fixed. I tried to reproduce the issue, by just reducing ram size, and unable to reproduce currently. I will try to recreate similar environment where I faced the VMI shutdown issue and see if that problem was only of disk or memory too.

I go to prepare a place for you. As he lost his sight, he asked for a light. Ezekiel was promoted to cadet orderly or first sergeant of Company "C" after Newmarket. He completed his educated—interrupted somewhat by the burning of the Institute, its relocation to the Richmond Almshouse, the Richmond-Petersburg Siege, disbanding the cadets corps, and the final surrender.

In his final year, he came to the attention of Robert E.