Manual Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag

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  1. Amazing 'Long May She Wave' Exhibit Explores Old Glory
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Amazing 'Long May She Wave' Exhibit Explores Old Glory

It is this sense of history, this reverence for the Stars and Stripes that embodies the feeling of Americans toward their national symbol of freedom and their hopes and dreams for the future. Based largely on the authors' incomparable collection of antique American flags, the beautiful color photographs, the superb narrative and captions trace the development of the flag's design from the first rebellious stripes, conceived in Revolutionary fervor, to the standard precision of our current fifty-star flag.

With plates in full color. Learn about the evolution of the stars and stripes; the flag in war and diplomacy, the flag in exploration and the flag in daily life. A useful section on the proper display of the flag is included. Engaging, informative text and more than photographs examine the story of a nation, woven into a piece of cloth.

In Stars and Stripes: Patriotic Motifs in American Folk Art , author Deborah Harding finds these and other patriotic images decorating quilts and coverlets, whirligigs and weather vanes, game boards and fire buckets--almost no object that could be painted, stitched, or carved was spared embellishment with our country's colors or symbols. Harding examines these objects, from the minute to the monumental, the whimsical to the more sober, with an eye to both the artistic and historical significance of each piece.

Among the items that her extensive research and archival work have unearthed include the flag, hand painted with the figure of Liberty, which was in Lincoln's booth the night he was assassinated and the coverlet crocheted by Grace Coolidge who wished to begin a tradition of First Ladies leaving a memento in the White House.

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This groundbreaking volume, the first to examine such a wide range of these early patriotic images, makes visual to the twenty-first-century reader our nation's earliest displays of pride and patriotism. It was the very symbol of the regiment; it was its heart, the thing that drew its members together. As such it was fiercely defended in action, where it flew in the centre of the line. Complemented by numerous illustrations, including eight full page colour plates by Rick Scollins, this book by Philip Katcher provides a fascinating examination of the Union flags of the American Civil War Wertkin Foreword by.

Description From one of the world's leading graphic designers comes a stunning tribute to America's most enduring icon-the Stars and Stripes. The Revolutionary Congress resolved in that "the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white, that the Union be 13 white stars in a blue field representing a new constellation. This collection of more than 3, Stars and Stripes artifacts ranges from Civil War-era banners and Native American braided moccasins to an early 20th-century "friendship" kimono and original flag art by several of the world's leading designers.

From toy soldiers to collectable spoons, cigar blankets to historic flags--the breadth of the collection is unrivaled. These companies—selling sewing machines, candy, crackers, cookies, cornmeal, cigars, paint, shoes, and hotel rooms—aligned their brands with the flag to suggest buying their wares was a patriotic gesture. Trimming public buildings for patriotic occasions was a special skill that was much in demand in the early 20th century.

Professional bunting decorators traveled around the country taking commissions from towns, civic organizations, and political groups. Sold at world's fairs, in tourist gift shops, and at special events, commemorative spoons have been popular collectibles for more than a century. Patriotic motifs have been perennial best-sellers. Early in the 20th century, printers would sell postcards with blank spaces that would be filled with photographic images of different candidates.

Rhinestone American flag brooches have been worn by patriotic women since the early 20th century.

Long May She Wave: A Graphic History of the American Flag (Hardcover)

During World War I parades, women would dress as "Lady Liberty" by wearing American flags like togas, as seen on this postcard. Satin pillowcases printed with sentimental verses and patriotic pictures were popular souvenirs during World War I. The decorative pillowcases were easy to mail home and parents proudly displayed them in their parlors to show they had sons serving overseas.

The simplicity of the brass-and-wood compacts from World War I and World War II contrasts sharply with the rhinestone-and-enamel compacts of peacetime. Mechanical tin toys, like this windup clown from the s, have been popular with children for generations. Patriotic icons like Uncle Sam, American soldiers, circus figures, and Lady Liberty were popular subjects.

Long May She Wave! And He Collect!

This early 20th-century brass belt buckle features a star American flag made of enamel. This cardboard-and-cotton patriotic shield nesting box incorporates the familiar Stars and Stripes design motif.

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Forced to live on reservations with few natural resources, Native Americans survived by adapting their craft skills to objects that would appeal to the tourist trade, like this beaded coin purse from circa The American flag design motif also made for impactful protest posters like this "Genocide Records! Designer and "Graphis" magazine publisher B. Martin Pedersen boldly illustrated the diminishing power of the Native American over the centuries in this limited-edition print called "Indian Power.

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