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  1. FUEN - Federal Union of European Nationalities
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Washington subjects include the Dumbarton Oaks Conference participants and the laying of the cornerstone by Stansbury Lodge No. Contributor: Long, Breckinridge Date: The brothers continued their flying experiments in Ohio and in Fort Myer, Va. Collection Sioux portraits and views 11 photoprints on stereo cards : stereograph, gelatin silver ; 9 x 18 cm. Individual and group portraits of Sioux probably Oglala adults and children some identified as being from the Pine Ridge Agency in traditional dress; burial scaffolds; drying meat; tepees; camp scenes; reproduction of earlier pre image of Sitting Bull with wife.

Contributor: Cross, W. William R. Includes views of activities of the main building on Kochstrasse and the printing plant in Tempelhof including views of printers, linotype operators, and other craftsmen at work and also includes views of Collection Snapshots, photographs distributed by commercial agencies and a few postcards showing activities in Nazi RAD work camps, ?

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Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available photographic prints, 42 contact prints, 5 postcards and 2 negatives ; 18 x 25 cm. Snapshots, photographs, contact prints and photographs distributed by commercial agencies show activities in Nazi Germany Reichsarbeitsdienst work camps, Includes views of farm workers harvesting grain; building roads; gardening; leisure-time animal breeding; Contributor: Bauer, E. Edwin - Germany. Collection Pawnee and Dakota pow-wow 10 photoprints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 18 cm.

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Photoprints taken during pow-wow and peace pipe conference August , , held by Pawnee and Dakota to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the battle of Massacre Canyon. Images include group and individual portraits of Pawnee, Dakota, and Euro-American men standing in front of a tree in Massacre Canyon, near Trenton, Nebraska Contributor: Ellingson, M. Martin A. Collection Im Kampf um das Dritte Reich 23 albums ca.

FUEN - Federal Union of European Nationalities

Portraits of Nazi officials; Reichsparteitag in Nuremberg , Anschluss with Austria and Munich conference, , etc. Collection [U. Portrait photographs of military personnel, including Gen. John White Geary and staff, miscellaneous civilians, including women and members of the clergy, as well as photographs of exterior views of buildings, some used as hospitals during the war, the Bunker Hill Monument, landscapes, and paintings by D.

Bowser of regimental Collection Portrait photographs of celebrities 1, photoprints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 35 cm. Primarily studio portraits of people involved in the arts, including musicians; dancers; artists; literati; theatrical, film, and television actors and actresses. Includes black entertainers, particularly those associated with the Harlem Renaissance. Also includes a few athletes, statesmen, and publishers, as well as portraits of Van Vechten, including one self-portrait. Most are Collection Stereograph views of Arabs and Egypt Catalog Record - Electronic Resource Available 3 photographic prints on stereo cards : stereograph, gelatin silver ; 18 x 9 cm.

Contributor: Johnson, Charles Ellis Date: Collection Studio portraits of American Indians 5 photoprints postcards : gelatin silver ; 19 x 24 cm.

Studio portraits of men and women, possibly Potawatomi Indians, in feather headdresses and clothing decorated with beads and cut ribbon work in stylized floral designs. Some images have painted backdrops. Also includes one image Contributor: Squires, C. Collection Portraits of Native Americans from Plains tribes 78 photographic prints : gelatin silver or albumen ; 20 x 28 cm.

Most images are of individuals--primarily men in ceremonial dress; also women, a mother and child and children. One image shows an "Indian cowboy" with cowboy hat and lasso. Coups , Hollow Includes map of the institute's location at Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany; pages from a guest book. Includes portrait of Leopold Gmelin; Collection Havasupai and Pueblo portraits 3 photographic prints on mounts : gelatin silver ; 24 x 19 cm.

Portraits of male and female students in front of the Havasupai Indian school at Cataract Canyon, Arizona and "Supai Charlie" in front of branch shelter. Contributor: Peabody, Henry G. Henry Greenwood - Peabody, Henry G. Snapshots around Luxembourg include landscape views of the Alzette Valley; Our region; castle in Clervaux; areas near Dasburg, Marburg and Bivels and industrial area near Dudelange.

Includes one unidentified group photograph with eight men and two women sitting in the grass.


Collection Carlisle Indian school students 5 photoprints : 4 gelatin silver and 1 albumen? Boys and young men of undetermined tribes posed in school workshops making leather shoes and harnesses, tin buckets and containers, and woodworking. Contributor: Fawcett, Waldon - Choate, J. John N. Collection Group portraits and sites in Washington, D. Photographs show group portraits and sites in Washington and elsewhere. Contributor: Prince, Geo. George Date: Collection Panoramic Photographs Contains approximately four thousand images featuring American cityscapes, landscapes, and group portraits.

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The images date from to and depict scenes in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. More than twenty foreign countries and a few U. These panoramas average between twenty-eight inches and six feet in length, with an average width of ten inches. These panoramas Contributor: Geo. Lawrence Co.

Frederick J. Conneaut, Ohio - Pillsbury Picture Co. Collection Group portraits of Carlisle Indian School students 4 photographic prints on mounts : gelatin silver ; 38 x 60 cm.

The German language today: a linguistic introduction

Group portraits of the first Dakota male and female students at Carlisle Indian School, posed in front of school buildings. Contributor: Choate, J. Collection Orbis Photo news pictures photographic prints ; 13 x 19 cm. News photographs of officers and men of the Axis armed force;, boats and ships; submarines, aircraft, etc. Also includes views of bomb damage; materiel; war plants; high-ranking Nazi party members; aerial views of occupied and enemy cities; refugees and other civilians.

Collection Ute portraits 3 photoprints on mounts : gelatin silver ; 35 x 43 cm. Images depict a group of Ute men and women in ceremonial dress in front of tepees, Ute men on horseback identified as the "cavalry remnant of Meeker Massacre," and men, women, and children seated inside a tepee "preparing for a game of Coon-Can. Contributor: Gonner, F. Frank Date: Collection Blackfeet and southern Cheyenne Indians 29 photoprints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm.

Outdoor group portrait of seven Cheyenne chiefs in traditional dress; dramatic images of man on cliff and of scouts on horseback on the plains; image of "Blackfoot tipis" showing decorative motifs; seven Blackfeet in ceremonial dress "singing war song. Collection Ojibwa camp life 5 photoprints on mounts : gelatin silver ; 12 x 17 cm. Images of Ojibwa camp life, probably in Ontario, Canada.

Much more than documents.

Includes men on beach of Lake of the Woods, woman standing next to tepee, a family in a canoe, a man mending a canoe, a fish drying rack in front of a tepee, a corn drying rack, and a woman Contributor: Linde, Carl Gustave Date: Collection Material collected by Oskar Ursinus, editor of the aeronautical periodical Flugsport, for illustrations ca. Also some technical material design, structural, and analytical drawings relating to aerodynamics, theory of flight, and aircraft construction; catalogs, advertisements, and magazine Contributor: Ursinus, Oskar Date: Collection Apache and Taos Pueblo Indians and views of Taos Pueblo 9 photoprints on cardboard mounts : albumen ; 20 x 25 cm or smaller.

Portraits of Signor Peso, chief of scouts that captured Geronimo. Crowds on horseback and wagons gathered for Feast of San Geronimo, featuring Indian dance and pole climbing, Taos Pueblo.

One view of Taos Pueblo structures. Contributor: Chase, D. Dana Date: Collection Lloyd family album 1 album 57 gelatin silver developed-out prints ; The album is believed to have been compiled by Includes portraits of Moroccan villagers, primarily women and children; health care workers administering eye treatments at a medical facility; people standing outside a clinic for women and children; boys posing or playing outside, including one image of boys running toward the photographer; two cityscape views of towns, one taken Contributor: Bubley, Esther Date: Collection Group portraits of U.

Supreme Court Justices 78 items ; 41 x 51 cm.