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Open Hours. Original Cheese Slider House sauce of blended mustard and ketchup, onions. Bacon Me Happy Slider Applewood bacon, cheese, house sauce and onions. Morning Sliders Slider Applewood bacon, fried egg, ketchup and cheese. Spicy Sloppy Joe Slider Coney sauce chili , onions, cheese , house sauce and hourseradish.

The Elvis Slider Cheese, peanut butter, applewood bacon and sriracha sauce. Kick Ass Slider Grown out of the devil's garden green chiles, grilled onions, ketchup, mayo and cheese. Hot Dogs Chicago Dog Mustard, onions, relish, pickle, tomato, sport peppers and celery salt. Southern Slaw Dog Homemade southern slaw, mustard, pickle and celery salt. Hey Dog Your call up to 4 basic toppings relish, tomato, onion, ketchup, mustard, celery salt and pickle. Sig Ep Dog Devil sauce, applewood bacon, grilled onions and pickles. Coney Dog Coney sauce chili , mustard and onions.

Cheddar Cheese Dog Loaded with shredded and melted cheddar. Coney Cheese Dog Coney sauce chili , shredded cheddar, mustard and onions. Taco Dog Devil sauce, pico de gallo, coney sauce chili , shredded cheddar and tortilla strips. Applewood Bacon Cheddar Dog Shredded and melted cheddar, applewood bacon. Devil Dawgs Chicago Polish Grilled onions, sport peppers and mustard. Jose Caliente Dawg Spicy pico de gallo, cucumber and devil sauce.

Blue Demon Dawg Devil sauce, onion, sauerkraut, pickle and spicy mustard. New York Street Dawg Spicy mustard, grilled onions and sauerkraut. Nate Dawg Peanut butter, grilled onions, applewood bacon and sriracha on a grilled lobster roll. A good ol' bad boys dog. Seoul Dawg Korean style dog with shoyo soy hot mustard and kimchi on a lobster roll. Nate Dawg A good ol bad boys dog. Peanut butter, grilled onions, applewood bacon, and sriacha on a grilled lobster roll.

Veggie Lover Vegan Dawg Served any style. Vegan Dog Served any style. Oreo Shake. Oreo Mint Shake. Strawberry Oreo Shake. Espresso Shake. Milk Chocolate Shake. Vanilla Bean Shake. Fresh Strawberry Shake. Of course we did. We drove back north and then turned east to follow Highway After a short drive, we crossed into the neighbouring Kootenay National Park. The border between the two parks is marked with a large sign as it is on the Continental Divide: water from Banff flows to the Atlantic Ocean eventually and water from Kootenay flows to the Pacific Ocean.

I remember learning about the Continental Divide in school but had given it nary a thought since. The first stop I wanted to make in Kootenay were the Paint Pots: small ponds fed by water containing iron, manganese, lead, and zinc and soil that had been stained by iron oxide. The fact that ochre had been mined there sounded really interesting.

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Problem one: a sore Piper climbing up and down the hill to the pots. It was cool enough that I decided to leave the dogs in the car as the trail was only a kilometre. Problem two: I fell victim to marketing. I expected vibrant colours and obvious rock formations. I got thick red mud and a pale green pond. To be fair, it was exactly how it was described, I had just expected something different.

I will say that it was interesting to read the signs along the interpretive trail about the process of mining the ochre and how significant it was economically and culturally. Once I returned to the car, we drove a short distance to Numa Falls.

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Unfortunately, the rocks at the side of the river were too awkward for Piper to get to the water so I loaded them back into the car. A short drive down the road and we found another spot where I was able to get her into the water for some chilling. Once they had all had a drink and shaken off, we were back in the car.

I was lost in my thoughts when I was caught off guard by a lake off to one side of the road and I promptly made a U-turn. After all of the lakes we had seen this one, Olive Lake, was stunning, not for towering mountains or scenery but because it was completely clear. I made a note to stop on the way back and we continued to Radium Hot Springs at the end of the park. I drove between towering walls of stone and into Radium Hot Springs and almost instantly I felt like I was in a small town in the Alps; it was such a neat little town. Unfortunately I could not sit on the patio with the dogs but I would be able to get food to go.

I started to ask the gentleman what he would recommend and before I even finished speaking, he suggested the loaded burger. Well then, I shall have a loaded burger. I sat on a block in the lot, put out the dog blanket, and we dined al fresco. It was a damned fine burger: along with the usual patty and toppings, it also had bacon, cheese, and onion rings. It was almost too loaded with so many flavours competing against each other but still so good. Pleasantly full, we eased back into the car.

We were still in town when I looked to my left and saw three bighorn sheep in the parking lot of a motel. It took me a while to figure out that they were picking apples from the large tree in the lot.

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The largest actually seemed to be doing most of the picking while the two smaller ones ate whatever fell. I watched them for a while before we drove on. I stopped at Olive Lake again for a few more pictures and to bring the dogs out. I was happy to see that Piper seemed to be less sore each time she got out of the car so all the little breaks and icing seemed to be doing some good. I drove back to Highway 1 in Banff and followed the highway when it turned west into Yoho National Park. When we had driven out west two years ago, we had camped across the falls and they truly are a sight to behold.

I found a shady spot for the car and went to check out the falls. The path was paved and relatively level right to the base of the falls. The falls were as impressive as I remembered them, falling approximately m ft , about two-thirds of that distance in free fall. Returning to the car, I brought the dogs out and took them to the water. As much as they all like to swim, they were not too keen to jump in; that water was COLD. Piper had a quick soak before we got back into the car.

There was a scary moment as we rounded one of the switchbacks and were almost grill to grill with a bus.

Bad Dawg gets permanent home at Devon House

I was worried about getting rear-ended while I waited for the road to clear as I was just around the bend in the road and partially hidden by rocks. It was a tense few minutes for sure.